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AzBJSMC has several programs to promote your general wellness and sports performance.

Sport Performance Optimization

We offer a comprehensive program to help improve your sports performance, based on similar programs that are used in professional sports. This program can be helpful for athletes who are looking to use science to optimize their performance. These results will help you establish optimal heart rate (HR) zones for exercise, to scientifically guide your training, and provide insights into your cardiovascular health. For $499, our comprehensive sport performance assessment includes:

  • VO2max test to determine your aerobic capacity and cardiovascular fitness
  • Resting metabolic rate test to determine your body's calorie consumption and help to better refine your diet
  • Body composition analysis to determine your whole body and limb lean mass and fat mass
  • Bloodwork to provide insight into your performance
  • Consultation with a medical and sport performance expert

Please reach out to us to schedule or if you have any questions. These services are also available separately.

IV Therapy

We offer intravenous (IV) therapy infusions of nutrients, vitamins and medications for a variety of health purposes. Each IV therapy session lasts 30-60 minutes and is available for only $99.


A mix of micronutrients, vitamin B complex, ascorbic acid, and special amino acids to boost metabolism, combat fatigue & jet lag, and improve fat burning.

Hangover Relief

A special combination of micronutrients, vitamin B complex, and medications to prevent nausea (Zofran) and reduce your headache (Toradol) to help you get over your hangover.

Immunity Defense

A cocktail to help boost your immune system, consisting of micronutrients, vitamin B complex, ascorbic acid, and zinc to help you prevent and recover from illnesses.

Migraine Relief

A combination of micronutrients, vitamin B complex, zinc, and pain relief medication (Toradol) to help you start feeling better.

Performance & Recovery

A unique formulation of micronutrients, vitamin B complex, ascorbic acid, and special amino acids to boost protein production and reduce inflammation in your muscles.

Physical Therapy

We partner with FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Center Phoenix Midtown to offer onsite physical therapy and athletic training services.

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