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We understand that long COVID-19 can be a challenging and debilitating condition. That's why we've developed a specialized Long COVID-19 treatment program to help patients overcome symptoms like fatigue, brain fog, muscle & joint pain, rapid heart rate, sleep disorders, difficulty breathing, digestive problems, and headaches. Our staff were part of the team that developed one of the first Long COVID treatment programs in New York City shortly after the pandemic started, authored one of the most highly cited papers on COVID-19, and have brought this expertise to the Phoenix area.

For many patients with Long COVID-19, there are disorders in structures called mitochondria that metabolize oxygen and produce energy in cells. This mitochondrial dysfunction not only leads to fatigue, it causes inflammation that results in other symptoms like pains, headaches, brain fog, sleep disorders, and others. By addressing mitochondrial dysfunction and inflammation, our treatments directly improve Long COVID-19 symptoms. We work closely with patients to thoroughly diagnose the cause of their long COVID, and then create personalized treatment plans tailored to their specific needs.

Our Long COVID-19 clinic offers a comprehensive range of services, including:

  • Comprehensive diagnostic testing: We use a variety of diagnostic tests to identify the root cause of your symptoms, including blood tests, imaging studies, and pulmonary function tests.
  • Medication management: We work closely with patients to identify medications that can help improve metabolic function, alleviate specific symptoms, all while minimizing potential side effects.
  • Rehabilitation and physical therapy: For many patients we will put together a custom rehabilitation program to improve energy, reduce inflammation, and eliminate pain.
  • Nutritional counseling: Nutrition plays a key role in recovery from Long COVID-19. We provide personalized nutritional counseling to help patients improve their diet and manage symptoms like digestive problems and fatigue.
  • Weekly check-in with a health coach: You have a personal medical health coach who checks in with you weekly to monitor your progress and help guide you on your journey

This program is covered by most insurance plans, including Medicare.

Our comprehensive, customized approach has helped countless patients recover from Long COVID-19. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and learn how we can help you feel better, faster. You can give us a call at or visit the link at the top of the page to book your appointment online.

If you have any questions or would like to book an appointment, you can give us a call or send us a text at .

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