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Neuropathy is a painful nerve condition caused by damage to the nerve or its sheath. This damage can be due to a variety of factors including high blood sugar/diabetes, trauma, entrapment of a nerve, scar tissue, chemotherapy, rheumatoid arthritis or autoimmune conditions,  alcoholism, or other systemic diseases. Patients with neuropathy can lose their sense of balance and experience moderate to severe pain which can impair their function and quality of life.

We offer several highly effective treatment plans for neuropathy. These include topical medications, rehabilitation, exercises, nerve hydrodissection (to free it from scar tissue), and nerve blocks. Performed under careful ultrasound guidance and lots of local anesthesia, hydrodissection helps to free up nerves from scar tissue or adhesions, and nerve blocks can reset the pain cycle coming from tissue to provide long-lasting pain relief.

We also feature high powered laser therapy to reduce pain, improve nerve regeneration, and decrease inflammation in the surrounding tissue.

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