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Neuropathy is a painful nerve condition caused by damage to the nerve or its sheath. This damage can be due to a variety of factors including high blood sugar/diabetes, trauma, entrapment of a nerve, scar tissue, chemotherapy, rheumatoid arthritis or autoimmune conditions,  alcoholism, or other systemic diseases. Patients with neuropathy can lose their sense of balance and experience moderate to severe pain which can impair their function and quality of life.

We offer several highly effective treatment plans for neuropathy, with many of these treatments covered by insurance. These include: 

  • Topical medications: We use custom formulated medications to soothe and relieve painful, burning, achy nerves. By using topical medication, we can avoid the systemic side effects of oral pain medications.
  • Strengthening and balance: We help you regain your strength and balance through careful, fun, pain-free exercises that build up your muscles, improve your sensation, reduce pain, and decrease your risk of falling.
  • Nerve hydrodissection and blocks: Performed under careful ultrasound guidance and lots of local anesthesia to make sure you have no pain, we free up nerves stuck in scar tissue or adhesions, which improves sensation and reduces burning and pain sensations. Adding nerve blocks allows us to prevent pain signals from reaching the brain.
  • High power laser therapy: Our class IV high power cold laser provides immediate and lasting nerve pain relief. The laser also improves nerve regeneration, and decreases inflammation in the surrounding tissue.
  • Diet and nutrition: We help patients learn about anti-inflammatory diet options to reduce nerve pain and improve function.

Our comprehensive program has helped countless patients with neuropathy to permanently reduce pain and improve function.

Starting Treatment

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