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We have specialized healthcare and wellness services just for men. As sports medicine providers and scientists, we combine our background in general medicine with exercise science, nutrition, rehabilitation, endocrinology, and pharmacology to help optimize the health and performance of men.

The ADAM Questionnaire is a standardized tool in medicine to screen for low or suboptimal testosterone. While answering yes to any one of these questions does not necessarily indicate low testosterone levels, based on your history and unique physiology, additional screening for testosterone levels and potential testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) may be justified.

  • Do you have a decrease in libido?
  • Do you have a lack of energy?
  • Do you have a decrease in strength and/or endurance?
  • Have you lost height?
  • Have you noticed a decreased "enjoyment of life"?
  • Are you sad and/or grumpy?
  • Are your erections less strong?
  • Have you noticed a recent deterioration in your ability to play sports?
  • Are you falling asleep after dinner?
  • Has there been a recent deterioration in your work performance?

Anabolic Hormone Therapy

Men who experience some of the above symptoms may be suffering from low or suboptimal testosterone. Testosterone levels drop as we age, with some men affected more than others, sometimes as early as their 30's. Most recent research has shown that low level testosterone therapy can improve quality of life, improve muscle strength, decrease joint and back pain, increase sexual satisfaction, decrease body fat, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, and improve cognitive function.

Men who participate in our safe and effective program are evaluated by a team of sports medicine health care providers. We perform detailed labs and a thorough review of each patient's medical history, symptoms and treatment goals. After meeting eligibility and health requirements, men with suboptimal hormone status can be treated with a customized plan of testosterone therapy. Our program also includes nutritional guidance and health & lifestyle coaching to supplement hormone therapy.

We customize our treatment to each patient's unique needs, and we carefully monitor safety while patients are in our program. At your first visit our medical staff will perform a detailed history, go over your symptoms and goals, and review your potential for testosterone therapy. We will measure your body composition and order labs. When your labs come back we will give you a call to go over results. If you decide to proceed with treatment, you will come back to our office to pick up your medication and our staff will show you how to administer injections at home. Patients who are unable to perform injections at home can come in to our office weekly for injections for a nominal additional cost.

For a limited time, eligible men will receive a three month supply of testosterone along with office or online telehealth visits with our providers for only $69/month*

If you have any questions or to book your screening appointment, give us a call at 602-606-8949 or visit the link above to book your appointment online.

*The total cost for 3 months of treatment is $207. This includes the cost of office or telehealth visits, as well as medication (up to 1 vial of testosterone) and injection supplies. This does not include the cost of labs which are typically covered by medical insurance for eligible patients, but without eligible insurance can be up to $125. Your consultation visit is $49, and if you proceed with our program this amount is applied to the $207 three month fee. Men who come for the initial visit but who do not meet eligibility requirements are only charged the $49 consultation fee.

Men's Pelvic Health and ED Program

In combination with our colleagues at FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers, we offer a comprehensive Men's Pelvic Health Program. We utilize our expertise in sports medicine and connective tissue therapy to treat muscle, tendon, bone, vascular and nerve disorders of the pelvis. This includes erectile dysfunction, pelvic pain, pelvic muscle injuries, incontinence, pubalgia, prostatitis, sports hernias, Peyronies disease, groin pain, neuralgias, and others.

We combine manual therapy and rehabilitation with medication management, lab diagnostics, imaging, high power laser and shockwave therapy. This approach can effectively decrease pain and restore function in men with a painful or spastic pelvis. It can also help restore strength and tone after a muscle injury, and aid overstretched muscles in returning to their original lengths to restore continence. These techniques can markedly reduce plaque formation and stimulate the formation of new blood vessels and effectively treat erectile dysfunction.

If your pelvic health disorder has not been diagnosed, insurance will generally cover the cost of your visit to diagnose your condition. Once a diagnosis has been established, insurance coverage for therapies can be variable, with most insurance companies not covering the most highly effective treatments like laser and shockwave. Outside of insurance we offer these treatments at an affordable cost of only $29 per session.

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