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Concussions are a common sports injury. In fact, nearly 4 million concussions occur each year in the U.S. from sports-related injuries, and 5-10% of athletes in contact sports are can experience a concussion per year. Many concussions go unreported and undiagnosed, leading to mismanagement and premature return to activity.

While on the faculty of the University of Michigan, our staff at AzBJSMC helped to develop the first comprehensive concussion program focused on high school and college athletes in the nation. We have combined this experience along with our expertise in treating concussions in professional athletes to deliver an advanced, cutting-edge concussion diagnosis and treatment program for athletes and occupational workers in the Phoenix area.

Our program is based on extensive research and clinical science. We integrate comprehensive neurological, psychological and physical testing, and are among the first in the Phoenix area to offer the new Neurofilament Light Chain blood test for concussions. We provide athletes with a thorough concussion diagnosis, and a highly effective treatment and rehabilitation program. We also provide baseline testing services.

We also understand that concussions require immediate care, and have priority scheduling options to see athletes and occupational workers the same day or the next business day.

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